SOS Animal – Portugal

SOS Animal – Portugal is a nationwide NGO – Environmental Non-Governmental Organization and non-profit association for animal and environmental protection that has volunteers and supporters across the country.

Born in an informal group in 2004, it was legally constituted as an animal protection association on March 12, 2007, in Lisbon.


SOS Animal – Portugal's mission is to protect and defend all animals and their habitat, by sharing information that encourages compassion, respect and understanding of human beings towards all species.


The vision of SOS Animal – Portugal is the existence of a society where no animal is at risk or abused.

Whether in entertainment activities, in domestic cases of neglect, abandonment or cruelty, or in the elementary legal recognition of their status as beings with rights, SOS Animal – Portugal exists to defend, rescue, treat and educate for the welfare of animals .


President of the Board
Sandra Duarte Cardoso

Vice President of the Board and Secretary
Clarisse Cerdeira

Vice President of the Board and Treasurer
Peter Bartholomew


Promote and publicize your vision.

Contribute to forming public opinion on topics aligned with your vision, through the dissemination of studies, opinions, lectures, debates or clarification sessions.

Contribute to the medical-veterinary support of wild, stray, abandoned animals or animals from low-income families.

Contribute to education and awareness of animal welfare among younger generations and the most disadvantaged classes.

Issue opinions on the drafting and regulation of animal protection laws.

Promote veganism.

Promote the protection and appreciation of natural and humanitarian heritage.

Report and promote the rescue of animals in situations of neglect or abuse.

Contribute to the adoption of wild, stray, abandoned or rescued animals from situations of neglect or abuse.

Provide support to other associations and individuals on animal welfare.

Contribute to preventing the depletion and destruction of the environment by wild animals.

Contribute scientific data to find solutions for managing stray animal communities and ensuring their well-being when implemented.

Cooperate and encourage initiatives in public and private entities that aim to promote and defend the interests of animals.


Visit us at the SOS Animal Veterinary Clinic, or ask any questions you may have about our operations.