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    how CVS works

    It is essential that anyone who contacts CVS does so knowing that SOS Animal is a non-profit NGO, which bases its work on the solidarity of its partners, members' dues and CVS' revenue.

    We do not have the capacity to support all situations. We count on the understanding and commitment to help from those who contact us.


    9am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday


    10am to 7pm Sundays and holidays

    *Outside these hours our space will not be open to the public, so all of our
    Customers who wish to do so can use the two hospitals with which we have a protocol:

    Cat Hospital (for Cats)
    – Rua Fernão Mendes Pinto 56B, Algés Lisbon, Portugal
    – 24-hour service: Telephone: 213 017 360
    – Cell phones: 925 923 149 – 924 356 932

    *SOS Animal members must identify themselves at the aforementioned hospitals in order to obtain the
    particular conditions specific to SOS Animal.


    CVS has 3 tables:



    Generic users


    Member of SOS Animal

    Members can enjoy special conditions

    Become a Member


    Needy Citizen

    For people with proven financial need so that they can provide veterinary medical assistance to their animals.


    Prevent yourself.
    Don't wait for an emergency
    with your animal!

    If you have limited economic resources, submit an application for the status of “Needy Citizen”* at our Clinic, accompanied by legal documentation from:

    • Social Security;
    • Parish Council of your area of residence;
    • Tax Authority.

    Sign up early! Contact CVS.

    *SOS Animal reserves the right to reject applications for the status of “Needy Citizen” that do not meet the required conditions

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