Sterilize cat colonies

If you are aware of the existence of a colony of cats in need of sterilization, you should contact the Official Collection Center (CRO) of the Municipality where the colony is located.

CROs have the legal responsibility to collect, provide medical and veterinary care, deworm, sterilize, house and feed the animal until it is adopted.

There is also the CED Program – Capture, Sterilization and Return, promoted by the Municipal Councils through the CRO (Chapter III of Ordinance No. 146/2017, published in Diário da República No. 81/2017, Series I of 2017-04- 26).

We also remember that, in addition to the municipal budgets available for each CRO, there is a budget of half a million Euros made available by the State for CROs to carry out sterilizations of stray animals (no. 2 of article 5 of Law no. 27/ 2016 of 23 August and article 8 of Ordinance no. 146/2017 of 26 April).

As SOS Animal does not have a rescue team or a shelter for abandoned animals, we ask that you follow the following steps:


Taking the location of the animal into account, send an email with the case description, exact location, number of animals and attach images/videos to the following contacts, all at the same time, requesting information on how to register the colony in the CRO , to activate the CED Program.

Email from the Municipality's Official Collection Center (CRO)

On request

Municipal Veterinarian’s Email

Upon request – City Council website

Email from the Councilor of the City Council – Veterinary Department

Upon request – City Council website

Parish Council email

Upon request – City Council website


After making contact by email, please proceed by telephone, informing them that you have sent an email to all the entities above, requesting information on how to register the colony in the CRO, to activate the CED Program.

Municipal CRO telephone number

Upon request – Municipality

Be sure to complete Step 1, which is proof of how you have contacted all entities with legal authority to provide assistance!